2015 Price List for Fabric Life Services "4" Guard

Sealing the Colors in, Stains out
Stain Guards and Cleaning Services for the Life of your Textiles
Specializing in the Care of Designer Fabrics


Sofas, Love Seats & Sectionals* $30 per Linear ft (90% of Sofas)
  *Add $2 to 4 per Linear ft for oversize sofas.
Large Club or Wing Back $45 to $75 each
Occasional and Slipper $32 to $44 each
Ottomans $20 to $65 each
Velvet & Chenille or Oversized* *Add $4 to 6 per Linear ft to the regular sofa prices quoted above

*Add $4 to $6 per chair to the regular prices given above

Dining Chair  
All Upholstered $32 to $42 each
Seat & Back $32 each
Seat or Back only $24 each
Throw Pillows  
12" X 12 to 36 X 36 $12 to $30
Wall-to-wall Installations $0.60 per square foot*
Viscose Wall to Wall $1.00 per square foot*
Domestic Area Rugs $1.00 per square foot
Wool Oriental Area Rugs $2.50 per square foot
Wool/Silk Custom Area Rugs $3.00 per square foot
Viscose Area Rugs $3.00 per square foot
*Stairs and Halls $2.50 per square foot

The above prices include a care kit, 24-hour hot-line help, and 2 year's free service.

We have a blanket satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied we will gladly refund your money.
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