Dear Design Professional,

Fabric Life Services, as Textile Care Systems, has been catering to the Interior Design Trade since 1984. We have striven, not to be the biggest, but to give the best personal service possible to our small clientele. Our business is service, our customers are friends.

We are happy to introduce our own product line which we call

Fabric Life Services
Our Flagship Product “4” Guard

It is the next generation in fabric protection. It gives unsurpassed Stain protection from water and oil based spots as well as reducing the rate of soiling. There is none better. But what truly sets it apart is the UV protection that reduces sunlight fading by 50% or more. We can also customize the protection for your clients needs. Used in connection with a simple maintenance program the “useful”(attractive) life of any fabric or carpeting can be greatly extended.

Being a full service upholstery/carpet cleaner we have seen it all from upholstery that was, according to others, uncleanable (we cleaned it) to fabric that faded from Royal Purple to Mauve in a week. We have the experience and now our own private line products to assist your clients no matter what their maintenance need.

To assist you, the professional Designer, we are offering a free fabric evaluation. Just send us a sample and we will treat and test it to determine stain resistance and cleanability.

We have a blanket satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied we will gladly refund your money. We think that’s the way it’s supposed to work.